Implementation phases

Phase 1: Establishing the Institutional Mechanism and the Participatory Approach

  • Identification of concerned actors for each pilot and recruitment of a national consultants;
  • final selection of each pilot’s theme;
  • searching for and selection of the pilot’s site and  associated farmers;
  • organizing a local workshop to disseminate information and create an awareness on water resources management;
  • constitution of a Local Pilot Monitoring-Evaluation Committee  ;
  • establishing a partnership convention among the stakeholders;
  • discussion, establishment and adoption of the Action Plan;
  • assessment  of the OSS and farmers’ financial contributions;
  • mobilization of financial contributions;

Phase 2: Execution of the Action Plan

  • Implementation of the Action Plan by the national consultant, farmers, and monitoring-evaluation local committee;
  • conducting a detailed technical study for the pilot’s implementation;
  • acquisition and installation of the hydraulic and agricultural equipment;
  • launching the innovative farming system in accordance with the Action Plan that was validated and adopted by the CLSEP.

Phase 3: Monitoring-Evaluation

  • The Implementation of the Action Plans and regular update according to the encountered challenges;
  • the obtained technical, socio-economic and environmental results.

The monitoring- evaluation of each pilot is deduced based on the status indicators related to technical and economic performance and specific environmental impacts indicators. These indicators are identified in advance within the logical framework of the SASS III project.

The Performance indicators are:

  • the improvement of  water use and valorisation in irrigation;
  • the improvement of  crops yields;
  • the increase of  the farmers’ income;
  • the creation of job opportunities;
  • the economic profitability of the developed framing systems;
  • the Acceptance of  the participatory approach and pilots’ results by the farmers’ community.

Phase 4: Results Dissemination

  • Regularly  elaborate reports on the progress status of the pilot and its results;
  • organize field visits for other local farmers and local development and vulgarisation actors;
  • hold workshops to report on the obtained results at the national and regional level (SASS basin scale);
  • elaborate communication tools dedicated to the pilots.


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