Objectives of the SASS III Project

The SASS III project has as final outcome the elaboration of operational recommendations for the utilization, management, and measurement of water extracted for agricultural purposes, notably in the zones where the water, the soil and/or the ecosystem are most vulnerable.  These recommendations would be mainly addressed to the decision makers of the three concerned countries via the Consultation Mechanism which was designed to direct the decision makers on the best use practices and strategies of the SASS water resources.

Two major components were devised to attain the main objective of the SASS III project: 

  • The “socioeconomic and environmental survey” component: aims to analyse and understand the socioeconomic dimension of water extracted for agricultural purposes (irrigation) and the behaviour of farmers in using the SASS water resources.
  • The “demonstration pilots” component:  aims to identify and introduce efficient irrigation techniques to be disseminated at a local, national and regional level.