SASS Project

Implementation phases

The SASS project, which was inaugurated in 1999, has reached the third phase of its implementation. While the previous phase focused on acquiring a deeper knowledge of the SASS resource in terms of its hydrologic and hydro-geologic aspects, the third phase specifically focuses on water use (agricultural use) and generally on the environmental and socio-economic aspects related to the irrigation practices in the SASS region. 

SASS I (1999-2002)

The SASS I project led to the following results:

  • A better geologic and hydrologic knowledge of the aquifer system.
  • The creation of a database listing more than 9000 well drillings.
  • The elaboration of a mathematical model allowing simulations and estimations.

The first phase of the SASS project was implemented with the support of the SDC Switzerland, IFADFAO, UNESCO and GIZ.

SASS II (2003-2006)

The second phase of the SASS project realized the following objectives:

  • the elaboration of two sub-models (Biskra and the occidental Basin in Algeria) and the Tunisian-Libyan Jeffara model;
  • the establishment of a diagnosis on the agricultural practices in the SASS;
  • the setting up of an institutional consultation mechanism (hosted by OSS) between the three countries.

This phase was carried out with support from SDC Switzerland, FFEM (France), GEFUNEP , UNESCO and GIZ.

SASS III (2007-2013)

the third phase of the SASS project entitled “Operational recommendations for sustainable water resources management of the North-western Sahara Aquifer System” has as final outcomes the elaboration of operational recommendations for the utilization, management, and measurement of water extracted for agricultural purposes, notably in the zones where the water, the soil and/or the ecosystem are most vulnerable.

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