PostgreSQL/Postgis Geodatabase

  • Spatial Database
  • A unique source of information for data management as well as the Geosass cartographic server.
  • Socio-economic data integration
  • A wide set of information
  • Easy sharing among several users

Improved data management and treatment tools  

  • Monitoring
  • Scenarios management
  • Additional features for the linkage with the aquifer model (preparation of simulations and projections)

Regular Updating device and information exchange procedures 

  • XML exchange format
  • Use of the OSS’s FTP server

GEOSASS cartographic server improved

  • Use of new tools and techniques that guarantee sustainability and adaptability.
  • Direct access to the database managed by the consultation cell.
  • Possibility for users to formulate specific requests.
  • Inclusion of new themes: piezometric network and quality network.