An action plan was elaborated and approved by the farmers and other partners of the SASS III project in accordance with the adopted methodology. The Action Plan is structured around four axes:

  • an institutional axis:  focusing on the application of the participatory approach and mobilisation of actors; constitution of a local monitoring-evaluation committee and adoption of the Action Plan; building a partnership between OSS and other local actors namely Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (national Institute of Agronomic Research) in Algeria and the ANRH.
  • a technical axis: it comprises all the activities pertaining to land development and technical innovations for the intensification of the agricultural production systems.
  • a monitoring-evaluation axis:  devoted to the implementation of the pilot and its results.
  • an information dissemination axis: dissemination of the obtained results by conducting field visits and holding local and regional workshops to present these results.£

It is important to mention that the farm reserved for pilot2 was divided into two plots of equal surface. The first plot received several management activities, agricultural equipments, and innovative practices, while the second one did not witness any intervention and was kept untouched to serve for the evaluation of results at the end (control plot). 

The first activities conducted within this pilot focused on the installation of a buried drainage system thanks to the technical and material contribution of the National Irrigation and Drainage Office (ONID). Besides, an intervention to rebuild the collapsed banks of old open-drainage ditches was deemed necessary.

The public irrigation system is constructed of open concrete channels. At the entrance of the pilot plot, the old irrigation network was constituted of “séguias” which engender a great loss of water due to percolation consequently led to the rise of the aquifer level and the increase of soil hydromorphy and salinization. Thus, it was replaced by plastic channels equipped with force electric pumps.


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