Pilot theme

It focuses on soil improvement through the installation of an underground buried drainage system and connecting it to the water collecting channels of the exterior public drainage system. The connection is ensured by solar pumping. This action entails a new dewatering dynamic of the aquifer level and soil desalinization particularly in the topsoil layer. The second estimated action aims to intensify the agricultural system through fertilisation and addressing phytosanitary problems by implementing preventive treatments.

This pilot is composed of a number of separate farms (micro-plots) of a total surface of less than  2 hectares. As mainly a family farming system, this land division is a result of inheritance and land sharing factors across generations. Initially, the average surface of one farm was range between one to 3 ha. In fact, the pilot contains 15 plots owned by to 15 farmers. The total surface of this pilot is 16 201 m2 and the size of one plot varies between 315 and 3116 m2 (i.e. an average surface of 1246 m2).


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