Pilot overview

Pilot overview

This pilot was conceived to replace what had been initially envisaged in pilot 4 in Libya.

Geographical Location: pilot7 is a farm of 12 ha surface that was created over 25 years ago and specialized in  producing off-season field crops that are irrigated and heated with geothermal water. It is located in the governorate of Gabes, delegation of El Hamma, Megcem region (5km from east El Hamma on the main road linking El Hamma and Gabes).

Pilot Problem: availability of considerable geothermal water resources that are not valorised in hyper intensive agriculture irrigation.

Theme: use of geothermal water for the irrigation of off-season field crops.

Agricultural production system: transfer of the experience in using of geothermal water in the irrigation of early intensive high-value crops.

Agricultural System: Intensive winter vegetable crops agricultural system conducted in greenhouses.

Water resources: a well on the Intercalary Continental.

Irrigation water availability: the well flow rate is 50l/s, which is quite enough to fulfil the irrigation needs of the pilot.

Water Quality: water salinity is about 4g/l.

Water resources management: the well is used individually, water is pumped using an electric water pump.

The system evolution: the system could be sustainable provided that the residual water of the desalination system is evacuated to a saline recipient, such as the chott.

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