Methodological approach

The adopted methodological approach is structured around the following elements:

  • Reasons for conducting two survey campaigns: two field survey campaigns were previously envisaged to collect information on the main aspects of water resources use in the three SASS countries (Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia). [More]
  • Questionnaire: a baseline questionnaire explicitly integrates all the characteristics and criteria to characterise the community of the concerned site and the functioning of the different farming systems in question. The questionnaire was finalized after a discussion with the focal points of the three SASS countries (find a copy of the questionnaire and the final assessment of OSS in the Annex). [More]
  • Zone selection: following a number of meetings with the different actors in charge of water resources management in the three concerned countries, the sites where the environmental and socioeconomic surveys would be conducted were identified. [More]
  • The sample construction: the socio-economic survey, which represents one of the main pillars of the SASS project, was conceived on based on a solid scientific knowledge and conducted with all precautions. In order that the quantitative analysis, which will be supported by the most developed econometric techniques and operational researches, allows the obtaining of plausible and susceptible results that would lead to the construction of useful operational recommendations for the decision makers, it was essential to make sure that the surveyed farm samples thoroughly represent the target community to study. [More]


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