Demonstration Pilots

  • P1: restoration and protection of “foggaras” and the associated farming system: the case of Ait Messaoud oasis in Reggane (Adrar, south-west Algerian SASS).
  • P2: rationalization of land and water management and irrigation water valorisation in South-East Algeria: the case of Sidi Mahdi oasis in the Touggourt valley, governorate of Ouargla.
  • P3: restoration and protection of the irrigated farming systems in the Libyan Jeffera (Souani region-Tripoli).
  • P4: valorisation of geothermal water in irrigating off-season crops in Merdoum and Zemzem in the wadis of Central Libya-(replaced by pilot 7 in Tunisia).
  • P5: improvement of irrigated lands affected by salinization and hydromorphy and restoration of Jedida and Mansoura oasis farming system (Kebili, Tunisia).
  • P6: rationalization and desalinization of brackish water in the region of Sidi Maklouf, Mednine (Tunisian Jeffara).
  • P7: improving the efficiency of the desalinated geothermal water in the region of Chenchou (Gabes, Tunisia). This pilot was adopted after consultation with the project’s partners in Tunisia and Libya to replace pilot 4 (initially envisaged in Libya and dedicated to the use of desalinated geothermal water in irrigation). Pilot 7 aims to train Libyan teams on the valorisation of geothermal water in hyper-intensive irrigated agriculture.