Component 1 - Socio-economics

This component aims at the realization of a socio-economic study. Surveys were conducted in two phases with about 300 farmers (first cultivation campaign) and 1500 farmers (second cultivation campaign). (More)        

Component 2 - Demonstration Pilots

Six operational demonstration pilots were selected to address the problems of unsustainable irrigation water management. The Pilots were first identified and selected by the institutions in charge of water resources management of the three countries involved in the SASS project. (More)

Component3 - Information System

This component dedicated to the establishment of an Information System (Database and Geographic Information System –GIS) was initiated in April 2012. (More)

Component4 - Assessing withdrawals through Remote Sensing

The demonstration pilots 2, 3, and 6 have been identified as test zones for withdrawal assessment. The required satellite images were acquired free of charge, courtesy of Africa-Geodev.

In support of this component, OSS coordinates activities in North Africa for the AGRICAB project. The project includes building-in the use of low and medium resolution imagery for the benefit of the technical services of three riparian countries.

The results obtained under this component include: 

  • state of the art of the evapo-transpiration models based on satellite imagery;
  • a synthesis on the use of satellite data to assess withdrawals in the SASS basin of the GeoAquifer.

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