Technical Platform

The optimisation of the Information System was based on:

  • The already available tools that were a acquired at the previous phases of the SASS project, namely the following soft-wares:
    • MS ACCESS and MapObjects LT for the SAGESS interface.
    • Arcview 3.2 and ArcGis 9 to update the GIS data. The data are transferred to PosgreSQL database using a Shp2pgsql data loader.
    • Open source solutions, especially for the use of new soft-wares.

Data management

The SASS III database is shared by all users authorized to access or update data. The SAGESSE management interface is installed at client-workstations that are connected to the local network.

The soft-wares used include:

  • Server: The PosgreSQL DBMS + Postgis spatial extensions
  • Operating systems Windows XP and others, including Windows 64 bits.
    • ODBC for PostgreSQL
    • MS ACCESS to operate SAGESSE
    • Mapobjects LT version 2.0

GEOSASS map server

  • MS4W 3.0.6 including :
    • WEB Apache server, version 2.2.22
    • PHP 5.4.3
    • Mapserver 6.0.3
  • OpenLayers 2.13.1
  • JQuery 1.9.1
  • Proj 4.4.3