Prior to the implementation of the development plan, the pilot plot contained only about 20, non-irrigated, poorly maintained, and hardly productive olive trees.

The pilot plot is located nearby a surface well equipped with an electric pump station that can produce about 50 m3 per day. The total salinity of the well water is about 4.146 g/l.

The implementation of the Action Plan followed the instruction of the approach adopted by the SASS III project. Like all the other pilots, pilot 6 Action Plan, it is structured around four axes: institutional axis, technical axis, monitoring-evaluation axis, and informational axis.

The main activities conducted under pilot6 include:

  • mobilisation of local partners;
  • elaboration of a plot plan with an appropriate crop rotation;
  • development activities conducted on the pilot plot;
  • acquisition of two greenhouses, small tunnels for protected field crops and a localized irrigation system;
  • acquisition and installation of a desalination station;
  • construction of a storage basin for the desalinated water and another basin for the mixed irrigation water;
  • acquisition and installation of an electric water pump to distribute irrigation water and put it under pressure;
  • acquisition of  seeds, plants, and agricultural inputs;
  • crops cultivation;
  • technical fellow-up of agricultural practices by the local monitoring committee under the supervision of the director general of the CRDA (Commisariat Régional du Développement Agricole) and OSS;
  • Results dissemination by conducting field visits and holding workshops.