The SASS III project is the fruit of a mutual conviction on the possibility of restoring the initial flow rate of the foggaras in Ksar Ait Messaoud Oasis using solar pumping techniques and rehabilitating the oasis system by offering a well-proven technical package to better valorise used water and ensure the stability of the farmers and their fields in the SASS region.

The main objective of this pilot is to further assert the feasibility and efficiency of the foggaras restoration option. Hence, four main activities were carried out within the Action Plan of this pilot:

  • institutional activities: aim at adopting and applying a participatory approach (mobilisation of water actors and irrigation development at the local level, constitution of a local monitoring-evaluation committee for the implementation of the pilot and its results, recruitment of a national consultant, etc.).
  • technical innovation activities: aim at improving the technical, economic, and environmental irrigation techniques (elaboration of the crop plan, building the irrigation system, installation of the irrigation equipment, crop establishment, acquisition of innovative techniques with a view of intensifying the oasis farming systems and improving their performance, and strengthening the farmers’ capacity.
  • monitoring-evaluation activities: a regular evaluation of the achievements and their results, regular production of reports on the progress state of the pilot’s implementation, the collection of results, and field visits by actors and local farmers with a discussion of the obtained results.
  • results dissemination and outreach: holding outreach workshops, guided field visits of national water authorities, elaboration of information and results dissemination leaflets, etc.

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